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30 Day Ad Subscription

Adverts limit: 5
Expiration time: 30 Days
Price: £129.99
Cost per advert: £26.00

Place 5 adverts in any category for 30 days. Each advert will be listed for 30 days.

Please be aware that the subscription charge does not cover promotions!

Subscription details

Photos limit: 4
Advert duration: Admin 30 days free lisiting
Paid categories:
Promotion "Social Media":
Promotion "Featured":
Promotion "First":
Promotion "Background":
Promotion "Bold":

THE EQUESTRIAN NOTICE BOARD – Quality Horses & Ponies For Sale

The Equestrian Notice Board is an Equestrian Buy / Sell & Recruitment website.

We're VERY active on social media, prompting as many people as possible to visit our website EVERY day.

  • Our Facebook has 56,000 Followers;

  • Our Instagram has 33,700 Followers; 

  • Our TikTok has over 14,200 Followers; 

  • we’re active YouTube….

We email our customers 3 times a week, with links to specific adverts & pages to encourage them to click the links & view the adverts.

All adverts are up on our website for 30 days. They’re open adverts and can be viewed online by anyone who wishes to do so.

It's very easy to post an advert. All you need to do is to click the "Place An Advert” Tab and then post up your advert. As soon as your advert is paid for it goes live on the website. To view our advert prices please click the tab "Advert Prices".

Please make sure that you regularly read our Terms & Conditions & Our Privacy Policy so that you understand clearly what is, & what is not, acceptable on The Equestrian Notice Board.

Thank you.