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Advertising Price List

  • **LIMITED TIME OFFER** Advertise your Pony for only £19.99 (standard price £34.99).

  • First 4 images and a video included in the advert price, £5 per additional image up to a maximum of 10.

  • All adverts are posted for 30 days.
  • Within 'Your Adverts' you have the option to 'Move Listing to top' by buying either a 'Featured' or 'First' promotion at an additional cost.

  • If you would like your advert to be featured in our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok) please buy the 'Social Media' promotion below. This provides 1 Facebook post, 1 Instagram post or story, 1 Tiktok post or story.

  • Please see advert promotion prices below.

Advert Prices

Horses for Sale & Wanted
30 days
Ponies for Sale & Wanted **LIMITED TIME OFFER**
30 days


Racehorses off the track for sale / wanted
30 days
Employment Job Vacancies
30 Days
Horseboxes, Trailers & Vehicles For Sale & Wanted
30 Days
30 days
Hireling / Livery / Equestrian Business & Products
30 Days
2nd Hand Clothing & Tack
30 Days
Litter of Puppies For Sale or Wanted
30 Days
Equestrian Businesses For Sale or Wanted
30 Days
Yards / Houses For Sale or Rent
30 Days



Promote your advert, so it stands out against the competition.
Social Media PromotionCost
Social Media Promotion:
1 Facebook post
1 Instagram post or story
1 Tiktok post or story.
Your ad will be published with border.


Promotion Type7 Days14 Days
Promotion 'Featured'
£22.99 (7 Days)

£32.99 (14 Days)

Promotion 'First'
£19.99 (7 Days)

£29.99 (14 Days)

Promotion 'Stand Out Background'
£11.99 (7 Days)

£16.99 (14 Days)

Promotion 'Bold Text'
£6.99 (7 Days)

£10.99 (14 Days)


Trade Advert SubscriptionPeriodCost

Trade Advert Subscription - 5 adverts over a 30 day period
Please note - placing new ad: Click 'Place Ad', you will see notification 'You have an active subscription plan, please use it here: Your Subscription Plans' click on 'Your Subscription Plans' bottom of ''30 Day Ad Subscription' area, click on 'New Advert'

30 Days


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