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Ten Top Tips For Selling Your Horse / Pony

Presentation of your horse / pony is VERY important if you want your advert to sell…

  1. PHOTOGRAPHS: Use the VERY best photographs you can. They don’t have to be professional photographs, but they need to be clear & in focus.
  2. GOOD UNTACKED PHOTOGRAPHS: Make the horse / pony looks as smart as possible. Give them a bath / trim /or even plait them up. Photograph them standing square in a smart headcollar & think about the background – DON’T photograph them in front of the muck heap!!!
  3. VARIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHS: Jumping / XC / flatwork / untacked / at a competition / trail hunting etc. Show off your horse / pony with the photographs you choose.
  4. USING PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS: Make sure you’ve bought the photographs you wish to use – DON’T use photographs with the photographer’s watermark through the middle of them because these are stolen photographs, they breach copyright laws & they’re ILLEGAL for you to use. It’s simple & inexpensive to buy photographs from the photographer’s website & easy to do. You need to buy a digital download for personal use & these will (usually!) be emailed directly to you within seconds of your online purchase.
  5. ARE YOU GOING TO PUT VIDEO IN YOUR ADVERT? We would recommend that you do so, if you can. This can just be a compilation of clips from your phone. If you can’t make or load up a video into your advert on www.theequestriannoticeboard.co.uk we can do that for you at no extra charge!! Please send us by WhatsApp (Tel. 07768 992 400) the video clips you want included in your sales video & please put your name in the WhatsApp & we will do the rest.
  6. TAKING VIDEO ON YOUR PHONE: Just like the photos, make sure your horse / pony is well presented in the videos – you want him / her looking a million dollars – you don’t want to video them covered in stable stains / mud etc.
  7. WORDS: Age, Sex, Height are vital details! Think about what you want to write & check for typos, so the advert makes sense & is easy & clear to read.
  8. PRICE: Only you know what your horse / pony is really worth BUT it’s important to be realistic if you want to sell. Adding ONO after the price allows potential buyers the opportunity to discuss with you if there is any flexibility on price, so it’s worth thinking about. Instead of going for one big, round number think about pricing just below this, if you were going to ask £5,000 there might be an advantage in pricing at £25 less at £4,975. It’s nearly £5,000 but reads like £4,000!!!
  9. CONTACT DETAILS: Make sure you check & double check you haven’t got a typo in your telephone number. People can’t call you if the telephone number is wrong!!!
  10. PROMOTING YOUR ADVERT: It’s very little extra cost but why not have you advert right at the top of the page, so that more people see it, giving you greater chance to sell?

We are here to help you sell your horse / pony. Please get in touch if you have any questions.