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Bunny is a 14hh, 9 yrs, bay New Forest type mare looking for a knowledgeable, ideally private, loan home in South East.

Thank you for all your enquiries, lovely loan home found. Typical pony mare, needs to gain your trust, but really sweet when she knows you. She loves to hack in company, hunt and has been successful in pony racing (138 tbc). Good with farrier, to clip etc. Fit healthy and sound, good doer and easy to keep in or out. Great with other horses, and is actually sharing a stable with our other pony at the moment. She has sweet itch but this is now managed easily with decent fly rug/turnout rug all year round (premier equine rugs come with her). Present loaner is happy to give a reference - she’s only giving her up as their circumstances have changed meaning there’s no space for Bunny. Ideal for small adult, teenager or competent child - please note she is NOT a confidence giver and not suitable for a nervous child or anyone wanting her for pony club. She would be happily for sale (for a princely sum!) if she were. She can be nappy but doesn’t throw shapes, spin or bolt. She can just get sticky and strong for a child. Likes to follow, so great to hunt, xc pairs and pleasure rides, but would love a job as a happy hacker/field companion. Still interested? If I haven’t put you off, you’re who I’m looking for!

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