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Category: Horses For Sale & Wanted

Price: £11,000.00 11000 £
  • Location: Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Advert ID: 6068
  • Displayed: 1152 times
  • Advert placed: 1 week and 2 hours ago
  • Advert Expires in: 2024-08-05 20:02:09
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  • Height:
    15.3 hands/160.02
  • Age:
    5 Years
  • Sex:
  • Discipline:


Potential grassroots/ eventer

Dougie 15.3, 5 year old Irish draught x Connemara (hoof wall tested NN) Dougie is a stunning Irish draught x Connemara with fantastic breeding and the attitude to match. On the ground Dougie is the kindest gentleman, he is polite and well mannered. He will stand all day being groomed and played with. He is great to catch, load, clip and shoe. To school Dougie is still green as he has been given the time to mature so hasn’t been rushed, but has 3 lovely balanced paces and is improving everyday. He is always snaffle mouthed and never strong or silly. More of a kick than a think and go type. To jump, Dougie is never strong, speedy or silly but is always brave. Never says no to anything. He has been on a couple hound exercises as a 4year old and some unaff 60/70cm so has already seen a bit of the world and takes it all in his stride. He is up to date with teeth, shoes vaccs etc. 5*** home only please

  • Advert ID: 6068
  • Displayed: 1152 times
  • Advert placed: 1 week and 2 hours ago
  • Advert Expires in: 2024-08-05 20:02:09

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