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The Equestrian Notice Board is an Equestrian Buy / Sell, Recruitment & News website.

Our strength is the way we market adverts. We’re VERY active on social media, helping your advert to be seen by as many people as possible.

Our Facebook has more than 34,500 Followers; Our Instagram has 28,900 Followers; Our TikTok has over 6,000 Followers; we’re active YouTube…. And ALL of these pages are growing every day.

BUT we don’t just rely on social media to give your advert maximum exposure. Unlike most other sales websites, adverts are emailed out to our website mailing list of over 15,000 people because not everyone is on social media…

AND we have an on-going Google Advertising Campaign to bring as many people as possible onto the website.

All adverts placed with us are up on the website for 5 weeks. They’re open adverts & can be viewed online by anyone who wishes to do so.

It's very easy to post an advert. All you need to do is to click the "Place An Advert" Tab, set up your account & then post your advert. As soon as your advert is paid for it goes live on the website.

Please make sure that you regularly read our Terms & Conditions & Our Privacy Policy so that you understand clearly what is, & what is not, acceptable on The Equestrian Notice Board. Com.

Thank you.

The people behind The Equestrian Notice Board .com

 Aurelia Stephenson – Founder & Managing Director (Photograph by Nico Morgan)


Thomas Winter - Shareholder & Creative Director (Photograph by Edward Peterson)


Sonya German - Shareholder, Financial Director & Company Secretary (Photograph by Lynne Shore)